At Fingerprint, we love music, and we have a passionate philosophy of how to teach it. But more importantly, we love PEOPLE. Teaching music gives us the opportunity to form relationships with our students and their families. So we're very selective about our instructors — in addition to musical ability at the highest level, they have all shown a unique ability to connect with and understand people of all ages. Many dozens of interviews over the years have produced only a handful of top-notch teachers. For our teachers, teaching is about friendship, about understanding how students think, and about a deeper level of learning that is made possible by trust.


Will Lubaroff joined Fingerprint in 2019. He is a recent transplant to Kansas City, having grown up and studied in Iowa.

The son of a professional jazz musician, Will grew up around music, beginning piano studies at age 8. He began playing guitar at age 13, learning jazz, blues, rock and acoustic through High School. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Vocal Music Education at the University of Northern Iowa in 2018, and spent a year as a vocal music teacher in Dunkerton, Iowa.

Will loves to learn and write music in his spare time when he is not teaching or bartending on the Country Club Plaza. Will teaches piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, and percussion.



Mark Allen joined Fingerprint Music in the summer of 2019 after moving to Kansas City from Memphis, TN. He holds a Bachelor in Modern Music from Visible Music College. Originally from New Jersey, he grew up in a musical family and fell in love with guitar and piano which led him to Memphis to pursue a degree in music. He has played guitar/keys in multiple bands that have toured nationally as well as internationally. During his time in Memphis, he was in high demand as a jazz pianist playing in restaurants, hotels, weddings, cocktail parties, church services, etc. 

Mark teaches guitar, bass, piano, keys, ukulele, songwriting, and music theory and has a decade of experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels. He has a strong passion for teaching and loves when his students really begin to understand the 'language of music. He incorporates a modern approach of music theory as well as adept technical knowledge on the instrument to help students become well rounded and to find their own unique voice as a musician. 



Michael has been with Fingerprint since August 2011, teaching a range of skills including guitar, piano, bass, voice, songwriting, and beginner drums. He comes from a musical family, where from an early age he learned the value of harmony singing, how to unsuccessfully control your laughter when your sibling hits a wrong note, and how the right music score can turn a mediocre movie into an amazing one!


Through his association with Fingerprint, he hopes to help instill in his students a lifelong appreciation and love of music in all its forms. His musical passions include songwriting and composition, listening to and dissecting (obsessing over) albums of all genres, picking up and attempting random instruments, and playing too loud in rock bands.



Maxwell Hudson joined Fingerprint in 2018. He holds a BA in music technology with a concentration in jazz performance. Max currently plays locally with his groups The Max Hudson Trio and Pooki, exploring many genres of music. He was classically trained as a pianist growing up and learned to play guitar & bass in singer/songwriter formats. He turned to jazz in college, studying jazz piano as well as vocals. He also developed a love for film score music, which led to him becoming active in the composition scene after scoring his first couple of films. Max also enjoys attending local performances and watching/playing ice hockey.


Max teaches Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice, and Music Theory. His focus is helping musicians find their musical identity (or fingerprint) and to help each student make music an enjoyable part of their life. As the great Art Blakey once said, “Music washes away the dust of everyday life.”